It's the 11th hour of Summer. Traffic is starting up again, talk of pumpkin everything is being anticipated, and perhaps the most exciting time in fashion is about to start with the season's fore-runner, The September Issue. If you're seeing it in the shelves, say it with me -start thinking Fall. 

Fall is such an amazing time because we get antsy about our clothes becoming comfy when it's 97 degrees, we start thinking about comfort food when we just starved ourselves for that one bikini / board short shot, and didn't you just get your blonde balayage? 

Aha. Ok people, how do we transition to our Fall look? The answer is, subtly. Just because bloggers, social media, mainstream media, magazines and the like practically force it on you, take..... it..... slow....or dare I say "despacito" lol. The only way you're going to save your hair during cold winter months is going to be slowing your roll towards drastic carmel / auburn / mocha / cinnamon dolce latte colors when you really need to be treating it. Hopefully you've been a good client by listening to your stylist and treating it all Summer. 

What we suggest: make a plan. Set some goals now, for the color you want later. Communicate these goals in your appointment, and set realistic expectations. We live for pictures! Bring them in, and start the conversation about a possible change. That way, you can achieve a seamless look with little to no concerns. Need help? Look to any of the hundreds of September issues for Fall inspiration. When you are inspired, we are too.