Oh July…….. So inviting, the official parade of Summer antics , splashes of memories and bad decisions. July is that friend that makes you go out at 11 and not come home till 4 am with a wink and a sinister smile. And, just like that friend, July can get you in trouble -with your beauty routine. Wait, what? 
We at Salty Blonde Cut Co love doing beachy blondes all day long, but this is the time of year where our advice can fall on that Summer deaf ear. This is the time healthy maintenance is needed MOST. Now, before reaching for that coconut oil, or Argan oil, or Moroccan whatever you have to save the day, stop. 
Coconut oil, and all the other oils for that matter, simply aren’t going to repair the days and months of damage from the days you were lazy. We know that coconut has long been a healer of everything from dry skin to bad beak-ups, due to research from island territories. 
As a matter of fact, if we really think about it, the islanders that have that beautiful hair/skin/nails/combo have it because coconut was quite literally their way of life. Food, body salves, hair oils, even teeth- everything they touched had something to do with that precious commodity. Let’s face it- we aren’t that regimented, nor willing to live like we are on a lush green island just for the sake of shiny hair. 
So, you ask, what can one do? Simple. Its a daily foundation where we start our defense of dry Summer hair. You still need conditioners, moisturizers, and protection. If you know you are a hot tool addict or have chemically dependent hair- your regimen should look something like this:

Leave-In Protectant
Desired Styling Product
Few drops of oil (not silicon, oil)

*Mask once a week followed by conditioner

Any other styling product can be sprinkled in between. Basically, treat your hair like you do your face. My friends, if you do this, that winter hair will look like it spent its Summer under the shade:)